The healthcare system is a mess for all involved. Employers and consumers alike face high costs, lack of resources and minimal support. To see just how bad consumers think they have it, Maestro Health commissioned a survey which reveals everything that is wrong with healthcare today.

Here are the main points:

  • Consumers are more confused than ever. They consider their healthcare experience positive, yet they have no control over their journeys. Worse, they’ve come to believe this total lack of control is as good as it will get.
  • Cost is still #1. Most consumers have experienced medical bills that were higher than anticipated, and only half think the quality of care they receive is worth the price they pay.
  • Consumers want a single source of truth. Whether it’s managing their bills, finding a new doctor or seeking out care when sick, consumers are all across the board when it comes to seeking out information.

78% say their healthcare experience is positive xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

healthcare costs

69% don’t feel fully empowered to control their healthcare journeys

The results of our survey point to everything that is wrong with the American healthcare experience.

Nancy Reardon, Chief Strategy and Product Officer
     Maestro Health